thread lift woman

Medical science is evolving every second. More and more procedures are developed with different, and useful for our well-being, ingredients. Last year FDA approved a new method similar to facelift and dermal fillers. A thread lift is different because the technology is a new one and it is a lunchtime procedure. This practically means that if you don’t want to undergo a whole surgery, you don’t have to. A thread lift is not a new method at all. It was developed in the 90s but last year new technology was used.

What did happen to my face?

Most women wake up one morning and can’t recognize their faces in the mirror. Aging has the unpleasant habit to surprise people with its roughness and the looseness. Unfortunately, our faces are first who suffer the change. When we start aging our fat layer becomes thinner, and we lose reddish healthy look. Let me correct one popular misbelief — fat layer under the skin is not equally distributed. That’s why people lose volume in different face areas. A thread lift is improving these parts which need to be improved.

Imagine that your face is a little bag of skin and tissue. The dermatologist will stretch absorbable sutures under your skin and will force your skin to stay strengthen. This sounds really hard to be accomplished but in fact, it is not. It is like lifting up your skin. This can affect your chin, cheeks, lips, and neck. The best of thing is that these sutures are made by some things that your body will absorb. The amazing feature of thread lift procedure is that it stimulates your own body to invent its own collagen. Unfortunately, this effect is accomplished when your tissue absorbs the sutures so visible results vanish. However, the healthy “snack” is what is left.

What is the difference between thread lift and face fillers?

OK, so this is a tough question. Actually, their features are similar. They will absorb into your body after several months, and they will give you fresher look. But injecting filler make your face to look volume up in one area only. So if you have cheeks fillers, you will have a difference in cheeks only. If you have a thread lift procedure all your face will be lifted up, not only the cheeks. Some dermatologists prefer to use both methods combined. They believe that this way the results will last more than 18 months. There are lots of cases where patients report that their face fillers and thread lifts have stayed for several years. It depends on the type of your body and speed of degrading things. Another good thing about these procedures is that they will not vanish at once. They will vanish slightly and equally so you don’t have to be afraid that one morning you will wake up with half of your face dropped down.

Having the best results are guaranteed if you have used an experienced dermatologist. There are a lot of courses and training but only a pro can manage to achieve the best results. For example, has years of thread lift experience with patients in Singapore. She has many patients, some of them celebrities, and she has proved her potential in dermatology. Cecilia Chng recommends choosing your dermatologist carefully and after a long research. Some people choose the first one who pops up and this is the mistake. Every patient should feel safe and comfortable with his doctor and this will lead to the thread lift miracle.