woman with eye bags

Eye bags were my nightmare!

Eye bags were my nightmare!

My eye bags were huge. Some people have eye bags when they stay late or watch too much TV but my eye bags were with me 24/7. Of course, I have applied tons of makeup to make them more unobtrusive but the reality was that they can’t be completely hidden. I have tried tons of face masks, too. One of my friends recommended me to apply oil on my eyes before going to bed and it has some temporal effect. Unfortunately, oil will make your skin oily – simple logic. However, I have tried to apply cucumbers and potatoes, once I tried both with different eyes just to see if there is a difference at all. It had a difference for an hour or two but it is completely not possible to have a longer effect. Eventually, I have an eye bag surgery in Singapore and I strongly recommend it.

Eye bags are formed because of the absence of fat tissue.

We start to lose fat tissue when we become older. The fat has a mission to support the eyes but when the collagen cells start to disappear from our bodies, the gravitation causes so-called eye bags. There are people who are genetically predisposed to eye bags but most of them just receive them as a gift after 30 years. Specialists usually recommend dermal fillers in this case. Fillers fill the gap between cheeks and eyes and restore wanted volume. There are a lot of different dermal fillers on the market. Some of them are with hyaluronic acid, some are with collagen and vitamins. Of course, only a specialist can inject dermal filler because it is really important where it will be injected.

Eye bags which are caused by too many fat tissues.

There are specific cases where fat tissue is too much and skin muscles can’t hold it under the eyes. The result is bags that can’t be fixed with fillers. In this case, surgeons often recommend eye bag surgery, you can check www.allureplasticsurgery.sg for more information. The eye bag removal procedure is not a major procedure but the results are significant for patient’s appearance. The surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the inner layer without scarring. Eye bag removal in Singapore is used to reduce the upper eyelid, too. People can acquire droopy eyelids at the same time with eye bags. It is not the most pleasant situation, but it happens. The recovery period is from a week to a month it depends on the body characteristics and strength.

I don’t know how to fix my eye bags!

I was in the same position and it was not a good place to be. As I have mentioned, I have tried different face masks but results didn’t last. I am too foppish to ignore them and that’s why a book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. I strongly recommend all of you to do the same instead of trying homemade masks on your skin. If there is some major problem that is causing your eye bags he will find and fix it. Eye bag removal surgery is not the last option; it is one of the options so you shouldn’t be afraid that he is going to sell you this treatment. Depending on your skin condition and your age he can recommend you cosmetic products, too. Dermal specialists are familiar with facial anatomy, and they are capable of seeing this that we can’t determine. Trust them and follow their advice.

Eye bag removal in Singapore is famous procedure so you will find a lot of specialists who have it in their previous experience. However, make sure you go for the best one instead of choosing someone with doubtful experience.


thread lift woman

Thread lift miracle

Medical science is evolving every second. More and more procedures are developed with different, and useful for our well-being, ingredients. Last year FDA approved a new method similar to facelift and dermal fillers. A thread lift is different because the technology is a new one and it is a lunchtime procedure. This practically means that if you don’t want to undergo a whole surgery, you don’t have to. A thread lift is not a new method at all. It was developed in the 90s but last year new technology was used.

What did happen to my face?

Most women wake up one morning and can’t recognize their faces in the mirror. Aging has the unpleasant habit to surprise people with its roughness and the looseness. Unfortunately, our faces are first who suffer the change. When we start aging our fat layer becomes thinner, and we lose reddish healthy look. Let me correct one popular misbelief — fat layer under the skin is not equally distributed. That’s why people lose volume in different face areas. A thread lift is improving these parts which need to be improved.

Imagine that your face is a little bag of skin and tissue. The dermatologist will stretch absorbable sutures under your skin and will force your skin to stay strengthen. This sounds really hard to be accomplished but in fact, it is not. It is like lifting up your skin. This can affect your chin, cheeks, lips, and neck. The best of thing is that these sutures are made by some things that your body will absorb. The amazing feature of thread lift procedure is that it stimulates your own body to invent its own collagen. Unfortunately, this effect is accomplished when your tissue absorbs the sutures so visible results vanish. However, the healthy “snack” is what is left.

What is the difference between thread lift and face fillers?

OK, so this is a tough question. Actually, their features are similar. They will absorb into your body after several months, and they will give you fresher look. But injecting filler make your face to look volume up in one area only. So if you have cheeks fillers, you will have a difference in cheeks only. If you have a thread lift procedure all your face will be lifted up, not only the cheeks. Some dermatologists prefer to use both methods combined. They believe that this way the results will last more than 18 months. There are lots of cases where patients report that their face fillers and thread lifts have stayed for several years. It depends on the type of your body and speed of degrading things. Another good thing about these procedures is that they will not vanish at once. They will vanish slightly and equally so you don’t have to be afraid that one morning you will wake up with half of your face dropped down.

Having the best results are guaranteed if you have used an experienced dermatologist. There are a lot of courses and training but only a pro can manage to achieve the best results. For example, Ceciliachng.com has years of thread lift experience with patients in Singapore. She has many patients, some of them celebrities, and she has proved her potential in dermatology. Cecilia Chng recommends choosing your dermatologist carefully and after a long research. Some people choose the first one who pops up and this is the mistake. Every patient should feel safe and comfortable with his doctor and this will lead to the thread lift miracle.


black lipstick trend

Dark lipstick trends in 2018

Five years ago women reached for a dark lipstick only when they apply Halloween makeup, but today the dark colors are part of daily life. Fashion brands support this trend and try to develop it as much as it is possible. It was long ago when women had to choose which part of their faces they should highlight – eyes or lips. Both were considered as ugly. Thankfully, this is in the past and today such dilemma is inappropriate. Today, we are able to highlight and darken our eyes and our lips at the same time without public disapproval to follow us. However, Vogue published special trends in lipstick for 2018, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

Maybe dark colors came from the “Twilight” era we are not sure but one way or another today dark lipsticks are favorites. Dark lipstick is able to highlight your skin color and teeth color. It is extremely important to have white, straight teeth before choosing a dark lipstick for your lips. I have a friend who has Invisalign treatment because she can’t watch her crowded teeth. For those of you, who don’t know what Invisalign is – it’s a new fashion treatment with aligners which can straighten your teeth without braces shame. The aligners are invisible and people don’t look ridiculous wearing them. Invisalign treatment cost is almost equal to other methods although it has faster results for patients, says Doctorxdentist.com. A lot of teeth problems can be improved with Invisalign like open bite, crooked teeth, overlap teeth or gaps between them. However, the idea was that you can’t expect to highlight properly your teeth without having a good smile.

Dark lipstick colors give the face deeper look.

Trends are different – from purple with reddish to burgundy color. Designers present two different ways of wearing this color – matt and glossy. Of course, everything depends on where you are going to with this lipstick because we doubt glossy purple is appropriate for the office. Giambattista Valli presents us a glossy style, supported by Yamamoto, who strikes us with the deep black. It is not a surprise that the red color can be forgotten and some designers use it to reinforce the dark trend. Giambattista Valli and Mohapatra were brave with red and brown. We all love this dark brown color. I don’t know about you but dark brown lipstick reminds me of John Travolta’s movies. Yes, 90s were wild. Although I find a lot of magic in the dark brown, my favorite color is dark purple. It looks like you wear some deep secrets and you are not going to open these lips and say them no matter what.



Bold women are always intriguing and noteworthy.

However, consider that dark lipstick can be combined with almost everything but don’t go in the office with dark shades and dark lipstick in the morning. It is still not a good idea to have so much darkness on you during the day. Deep lipsticks will move the attention from your nose to your lips so don’t forget about your teeth condition. Vogue has additional recommendations, like choosing a transparent lip liner and applying it under every lipstick you have to prevent it from smudging. Fashion designers show us the opposite, though – leave it to smudge! I certainly don’t recommend doing it because it looks amazing on the podium but in daily life, it might look a little inappropriate. However, I hope that this winter and spring we will be able to enjoy some amazing color trends without feeling ashamed that we are too bold and dark.

bride with natural earth colors makeup

The wedding makeup – the king of the makeup

Makeup guides are giving us a lot of examples how we should look in the club or in the office but when it comes to a wedding it is a mess. Fashion designers scream that we should be bold and brave with colors, while fashion magazines encourage us to use earth tones and natural look. If you are going to be a bride this year, we will help you choose a wedding makeup without going insane. We know that wedding day is organized because of love and photos, especially because of photos, so every bride should look amazing in her dress and makeup.

Some magazines recommend skipping new things on your wedding day, but we completely disagree with this. Go wild and try new makeup at least because you probably don’t wear a long white dress every day. White is a gorgeous color but it can’t be easily combined with a lot of colors. Try to define what you want to be highlighted and what to be hidden. For example, if you want the attention to go from your nose to your lips, try darkening lipsticks. They are amazing by the way and you will see them all over in 2018.

Natural wedding makeup

If you really want to be with natural makeup on your wedding, go with it but don’t forget that on wedding photos it looks too plain. You can use pink for your cheeks and eyes. Rose blush looks fantastic on white cheeks and gives the expression that the bride is a little naïve girl. Of course, this is not for every once and you should try it at least once before. Another great shadow for brides is brown or champagne one. Additional advice is to swipe a little bronzer on your eyes and cheeks, too. If you want to add some dramatic look, add a lot of mascara or be bold and get longer eyelashes. They will make earth tones highlighted and your face will look sinless. If you choose this look, you have to combine it with natural lips. The lip line is allowed but transparent. Lipstick can be brown, beige or mauve.

Having the idea that wedding photos are what is left when the wedding day is over, it is completely normal to want to look gorgeous on them. On my wedding, we have a traditional photographer and photo booth service. In Singapore, it is pretty cool to have a photo booth at your event. We have hired Ubersnap photo booth and it was extremely fun. All the guests took at least 3, 4 photos in it and left them in a photo album for us. My GIF photos are wild and I will be proud to show them to my kids after years and explain that I was young and fun in the past. My makeup was more bold and aggressive.

Aggressive makeup looks better on photos.

It is totally up to you. I chose dark black shadows, dark lipstick and a lot of bronzers. Some people would say I have too much makeup but the reality was that I was glowing inside, so I have to glow outside, too. Peach blush is a popular choice, too if you don’t want to go with a bronzer. Actually, It doesn’t matter still you have to put something on hose cheeks or you will look too plain. Although this day is not in general about colors, they will define it as a good one or bad one so be careful. On the other hand, if you have ever wanted to have a wedding in blue color, be brave and add some blue feathers or blue pearls. Find a good blue wine and your photos will be remarkable.


ptosis stages

Ptosis in children and adults

Ptosis is a disease which causes droopy eyelids. It is a condition which could be a symptom of a serious illness or simply aging. However, both cases are causing too much elasticity in the eyelids and the result is a limited vision. There are some cases when the vision is not blocked but the appearance of the patient is affected. Hopefully, it doesn`t matter if the patient has some serious disease or he is aging, cosmetic surgery could achieve miracles. Beauty can be returned back.

Who is affected by the ptosis?

There are children who are born with ptosis, in this case, the illness is called congenital ptosis. Everyone has a muscle which is responsible for eyelid movements – levator. Yes, it sounds like an elevator but it lifts eyelids not people. If the child is born with damaged levator then the eyelid will droop. The most obvious sign of ptosis is when the upper eyelid doesn`t crease evenly, according to Bagsundereyescauses.com. It is highly possible if your child has a ptosis to turn their head back in an attempt to see better. Another possibility is to lift their chin and to raise eyebrows. You should carefully observe your child`s movements if you have doubts for ptosis. If your child proceeds to move his head up because of the vision there is a chance to have back pain in future.

There are specific cases where children with ptosis have an additional disease or eye-related problems. It is really important to consult with a specialist if your kid is one of these kids. Eye-muscle disease is an extremely dangerous health condition, for example. Astigmatism is the reason people see objects blurred. Misaligned (crossed) eyes could be a consequence, too. If you don`t pay attention to ptosis it could evolve in amblyopia. Amblyopia prevents vision at almost 100%.

The treatment is defined by the child`s age, the eyelid height, and eyelid`s muscle. Most of the cases surgery is recommended. If the vision has been improved the surgery was successful. If the child has Amblyopia then it should be treated, too.

It doesn`t matter if one child has a surgery or hasn`t, they should consult with ophthalmologist regularly. It is really important for patients with ptosis to prevent further complications with regular tests and exams. Every ophthalmologist will explain how often is necessary to do them.



Ptosis in adults

Involutional ptosis is a condition where levator muscle is not working for some reason. It could be too stretched or completely separated of the eyelid. As you may guess, there is no place for this imperfection on a beautiful face. There are two main reasons why this is happening. The patient is aging or had an injury. There is a third option where the patient has had an eye surgery and ptosis is a complication. Diseases and tumors are not very often a reason for ptosis. However, every specialist will find easy the reason of your ptosis and will give you an advice. Most of the specialists will recommend the patient treatment after blood tests and eyes exam. Usually, cosmetic surgeons provide an eyelid surgery in order to reduce the size and the form of the eyelid.

During the ptosis surgery, your surgeon will use a local anesthetic. The idea is to numb patient`s eye area in order to lift the muscle or reduce the quantity of the excessive skin painlessly. Sometimes levator muscle should be strengthened and attached to the eyelid.

Ptosis is a serious condition and people suffering from it shouldn`t neglect it. Paying extra attention at the beginning is the ultimate win. Of course, ptosis surgery is a surgery and it has risks but finding a professional surgeon with a lot of experience will reduce the chance to a minimum.

double eyelid surgery crease

Singapore is the new double eyelid surgery capital of the world

Asian girls want so badly to look like Caucasian celebrities that they alter their look completely. This is the main reason why Singapore is leading in the plastic surgery industry. There are tons of clinics where every Asian girl could have a brand new Caucasian crease after a quick procedure. Why don’t Asian girls like their own face features? Popularity and diversity are the answers. Double eyelid surgery is only one of the procedures that women use to change their appearance.

There are several rules which define why we admire particular celebrity. One reason is that we like people who look like us. If the celebrity has the same hair, eyes color or even jeans — we like him/her. Another powerful reason is when we admire someone because we want to look like him. Imagine that you have always wanted to dance a ballet but you are too lazy. One day you found a gorgeous women ballerina online. Unfortunately, she had Caucasian eyes and long brown hair. You liked her so much and wanted to look like her so you booked an appointment for a hair salon and dyed your hair. Next thing you know is that when you thought of pretty eyes you thought of her wide opened eyes. Eventually, you decided to alter your own Asian type eyes and booked an appointment.

This is a really common situation and every plastic surgeon could confirm it.

We want to copy face features of people whо we like.



Of course, stereotypes are popular as always and young ladies choose to follow them every day. Another famous reason is that we want to be different from our friends. As we growing we are taught that winners are unique or have something unique. So when we think of our appearance, we want to be winners. This will raise our self-esteem and make us believe that we are capable of almost everything. When we are talking about self-esteem, it is really important to have in mind that there is no woman who relies on their intelligence only — they all want to look better.

In order to convert Asian eyes to Caucasian type, the surgeons cut a little part of the eyelid.

Usually, it is the outer corner of the eyes so they will look more oval and wider. Most of the patients don’t stop with double eyelid surgery, though – says Allureplasticsurgery.sg. They want higher nose, flatter forehead and v-shape face. This way their look will be completely altered. Some girls don’t want to look like themselves at all. They believe that changing their faces they will change their destiny. As far as we know, there is some truth in this claim.

Of course, there are a lot of non-surgical methods that could change appearance but most of them are not working or they are too expensive. For example, eyelid glue is an only permanent solution and if you are going to the party there is no guarantee that it will be on your eyes until the morning. Eyelid tape has the same downsides. Makeup is a popular method, too. The disadvantage is that if the make-up is long-lasting it is really expensive. Those who are cheap are not lasting more than 2 hours. Another disadvantage of makeup is that it takes a lot of time. Every lady knows that she needs at least 30 minutes every morning and 15 every night in order to have tidy look during the day.

Double eyelid surgery is a short lunchtime procedure. This means that the patient is not going to spend the night in the hospital. The surgery itself takes only half an hour but the local anesthetic could take longer to block the sensations. So after two hours, the patient has several stitches and swelled eyelids and no sign of natural monolids. Although, there are some Asians who have double eyelids without surgery. For their families, it is totally normal to have double eyelids and to be Asians the same time.

However, there are types of people who prefer the natural look. For example, different generations have a different idea of what is beautiful and what is ugly. But the importance of beauty is essential to every fashion and cosmetic industry so understanding what people need is the main task of every plastic surgeon.

woman with perfect skin

Facts about Dermal Fillers you should have in mind

It is not a secret that a lot of women and men want to improve their appearance. Everyone wants to save his own beauty as long as it is possible. Aging is mercilessly and people can’t have their young skin and fresh look forever. Dermal fillers were invented because people don’t stop to look for a cure for aging. This treatment is not exactly a cure but it definitely hides wrinkles and imperfections. Although it is very famous treatment all over the world, people don’t know important things that can be significant for a successful result.


Aging will not stop

Aging is a process of cells so it won’t stop because your doctor has injected something in your face. Aging cells lose vitality because their time is predetermined. There is no possible way one cell to live forever. Collagen and water are some of the ingredients that vanish when one cell grows old. However, aging is not happening immediately and even. Some facial areas aged faster than others and the reason lies in subcutaneous fat. When we start to talk about fat, people imagine the whole layer who is lying under our skin like a blanket — completely wrong. Subcutaneous fat is compartmentalized which means it is more in some parts and less in others. That’s why different parts of our face ages differently. This doesn`t mean that beauty is not a big part of aging! We explained the structure of the face, now let’s see filler’s structure.

Various dermal fillers exist

The cosmetic industry is evolving every day. There are a lot of innovations and new ingredients because science is never sleeping. This process is unstoppable so new fillers are created every day. This is good because better results are accomplished but there is a downside, too. If there is only one available filler, doctors will use only it and the results will be sure and well-tested. Of course, this is not possible in modern days — that’s why doctors should have in mind different the filler structure and their interaction. This includes filler components, monophasic, particles per mg etc. Another thing specialists should pay attention is the shelf life of the filler.


Aging skin can be treated successfully with dermal fillers but the wrong technique can ruin the results, says Israrwong.com. Methods of injecting define whether filler will accomplish results or not. Not very experienced specialists will prefer using the linear threading method. Other very popular methods for injecting fillers are fern and depot methods. Both of them can cause lumps if the doctor has not enough experience. That’s why it is recommendable first procedures executed by a young dermatologist to be supervised by their mentor or at least someone who has more successful treatments executed.



We have mentioned that there are lots of fillers on the market. In order to limit the distribution of illegal ones, there is something called “approval status”. Fillers are a medical device, and we all know that medical devices need quality control. Approval status is the quality control of the fillers. Like every medical tool, this certificate is needed to prove the authenticity. Experienced dermatologists work with approved fillers only because they know that safety comes first.


Injecting dermal filler is not painful but people who usually can’t stand pain at all should use local or topical anesthesia. People have enormous expectations when it comes to the results. Most dermatologists prefer to have a deep conversation about a patient’s expectations before the procedure. Higher expectations mean impossible satisfaction. That’s why dermatologist should examine not only health condition before the surgery but the expectations from the procedure, too. Most people are very sensitive when it comes to their beauty. Deciding to have dermal filler is not a big life decision because most of them degrade in 6 months but it still is considered carefully. There aren’t a lot of risks for patient’s health and look.