woman with eye bags

Eye bags were my nightmare!

My eye bags were huge. Some people have eye bags when they stay late or watch too much TV but my eye bags were with me 24/7. Of course, I have applied tons of makeup to make them more unobtrusive but the reality was that they can’t be completely hidden. I have tried tons of face masks, too. One of my friends recommended me to apply oil on my eyes before going to bed and it has some temporal effect. Unfortunately, oil will make your skin oily – simple logic. However, I have tried to apply cucumbers and potatoes, once I tried both with different eyes just to see if there is a difference at all. It had a difference for an hour or two but it is completely not possible to have a longer effect. Eventually, I have an eye bag surgery in Singapore and I strongly recommend it.

Eye bags are formed because of the absence of fat tissue.

We start to lose fat tissue when we become older. The fat has a mission to support the eyes but when the collagen cells start to disappear from our bodies, the gravitation causes so-called eye bags. There are people who are genetically predisposed to eye bags but most of them just receive them as a gift after 30 years. Specialists usually recommend dermal fillers in this case. Fillers fill the gap between cheeks and eyes and restore wanted volume. There are a lot of different dermal fillers on the market. Some of them are with hyaluronic acid, some are with collagen and vitamins. Of course, only a specialist can inject dermal filler because it is really important where it will be injected.

Eye bags which are caused by too many fat tissues.

There are specific cases where fat tissue is too much and skin muscles can’t hold it under the eyes. The result is bags that can’t be fixed with fillers. In this case, surgeons often recommend eye bag surgery, you can check www.allureplasticsurgery.sg for more information. The eye bag removal procedure is not a major procedure but the results are significant for patient’s appearance. The surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the inner layer without scarring. Eye bag removal in Singapore is used to reduce the upper eyelid, too. People can acquire droopy eyelids at the same time with eye bags. It is not the most pleasant situation, but it happens. The recovery period is from a week to a month it depends on the body characteristics and strength.

I don’t know how to fix my eye bags!

I was in the same position and it was not a good place to be. As I have mentioned, I have tried different face masks but results didn’t last. I am too foppish to ignore them and that’s why a book a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. I strongly recommend all of you to do the same instead of trying homemade masks on your skin. If there is some major problem that is causing your eye bags he will find and fix it. Eye bag removal surgery is not the last option; it is one of the options so you shouldn’t be afraid that he is going to sell you this treatment. Depending on your skin condition and your age he can recommend you cosmetic products, too. Dermal specialists are familiar with facial anatomy, and they are capable of seeing this that we can’t determine. Trust them and follow their advice.

Eye bag removal in Singapore is famous procedure so you will find a lot of specialists who have it in their previous experience. However, make sure you go for the best one instead of choosing someone with doubtful experience.