black lipstick trend

Five years ago women reached for a dark lipstick only when they apply Halloween makeup, but today the dark colors are part of daily life. Fashion brands support this trend and try to develop it as much as it is possible. It was long ago when women had to choose which part of their faces they should highlight – eyes or lips. Both were considered as ugly. Thankfully, this is in the past and today such dilemma is inappropriate. Today, we are able to highlight and darken our eyes and our lips at the same time without public disapproval to follow us. However, Vogue published special trends in lipstick for 2018, and we can’t wait to show it to you.

Maybe dark colors came from the “Twilight” era we are not sure but one way or another today dark lipsticks are favorites. Dark lipstick is able to highlight your skin color and teeth color. It is extremely important to have white, straight teeth before choosing a dark lipstick for your lips. I have a friend who has Invisalign treatment because she can’t watch her crowded teeth. For those of you, who don’t know what Invisalign is – it’s a new fashion treatment with aligners which can straighten your teeth without braces shame. The aligners are invisible and people don’t look ridiculous wearing them. Invisalign treatment cost is almost equal to other methods although it has faster results for patients, says A lot of teeth problems can be improved with Invisalign like open bite, crooked teeth, overlap teeth or gaps between them. However, the idea was that you can’t expect to highlight properly your teeth without having a good smile.

Dark lipstick colors give the face deeper look.

Trends are different – from purple with reddish to burgundy color. Designers present two different ways of wearing this color – matt and glossy. Of course, everything depends on where you are going to with this lipstick because we doubt glossy purple is appropriate for the office. Giambattista Valli presents us a glossy style, supported by Yamamoto, who strikes us with the deep black. It is not a surprise that the red color can be forgotten and some designers use it to reinforce the dark trend. Giambattista Valli and Mohapatra were brave with red and brown. We all love this dark brown color. I don’t know about you but dark brown lipstick reminds me of John Travolta’s movies. Yes, 90s were wild. Although I find a lot of magic in the dark brown, my favorite color is dark purple. It looks like you wear some deep secrets and you are not going to open these lips and say them no matter what.



Bold women are always intriguing and noteworthy.

However, consider that dark lipstick can be combined with almost everything but don’t go in the office with dark shades and dark lipstick in the morning. It is still not a good idea to have so much darkness on you during the day. Deep lipsticks will move the attention from your nose to your lips so don’t forget about your teeth condition. Vogue has additional recommendations, like choosing a transparent lip liner and applying it under every lipstick you have to prevent it from smudging. Fashion designers show us the opposite, though – leave it to smudge! I certainly don’t recommend doing it because it looks amazing on the podium but in daily life, it might look a little inappropriate. However, I hope that this winter and spring we will be able to enjoy some amazing color trends without feeling ashamed that we are too bold and dark.