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Eye bags were my nightmare!

Eye bags were my nightmare! My eye bags were huge. Some people have eye bags when they stay late or watch too much TV but my eye bags were with me 24/7. Of course, I have applied tons of makeup to make them more unobtrusive but the reality was that they can’t be completely hidden. […]

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Thread lift miracle

Medical science is evolving every second. More and more procedures are developed with different, and useful for our well-being, ingredients. Last year FDA approved a new method similar to facelift and dermal fillers. A thread lift is different because the technology is a new one and it is a lunchtime procedure. This practically means that […]

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Dark lipstick trends in 2018

Five years ago women reached for a dark lipstick only when they apply Halloween makeup, but today the dark colors are part of daily life. Fashion brands support this trend and try to develop it as much as it is possible. It was long ago when women had to choose which part of their faces […]

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