Beauty Makeup Guide, Beauty Makeup Tips and Skin Care Advice

Beauty-Makeup-Guide.com is designed to provide you all essential information on beauty and makeup topics. As Make-up is one of the most effective ways to highlight one’s plus points and play down the negative points, we have included many articles on how to apply makeup. It can cover almost any defect and shortcoming and if cleverly done, it can alter the appearance totally. But one has to be very careful with the paints and brushes otherwise one can land up looking like the clown in the circus. It is always believed that where make-up is concerned, ‘less is too much’. The art is to be subtle and not over-do it. Experiment if you must, but do it at your own risk. It is better to try out each item before you go all out with the pancake.

In this site, you will get a complete guide to applying makeup by using easy steps, tips, and tricks. Make-up is an art and one has to remember a few basic rules while using make-up. It is said that where make-up is concerned, ‘less is more’. One should not overdo it. The first step is the choice of a foundation. You must choose a foundation to match the tone of your skin. This would give your skin a smooth and flawless look. Apply the foundation with an applicator so as to avoid smudging. Dust lightly with loose powder, which again should be close to the skin tone. The next step is to use an eye-shadow, which should be selected according to the color of your dress, occasion and time of the day.

Eyeshadows are available in cream, liquid, powder and pencil form. Apply the shadow with a brush. Blend it over the lid and fade away the edges at the outer corner of your eyes.

Application of an eye-liner comes next. Eye-liner should be applied close to the eyelid and not exaggerated too much. Follow the natural lines of the eye contour and emphasize them very subtly. Mascara makes the lashes look thick and long. Apply the mascara with care so that it does not smudge.

For lips, use a lip brush to apply the lipstick. Draw an outline before you fill in the color. These days there are lip pencils available to match the lipsticks. They give a neat finish to the lips.

Perfect make-up is a studied elegance produced by corrective lines made with a very light hand. Beware of excess just as you should beware of passing fashions. Here are some guidelines for correcting the outline of the mouth.

Beauty is like a magnet which attracts other to it. Yet while elements of beauty are easy to spot, what truly defines it remains intangible. This is because, in today’s modern world, beauty is about individuality – there are no norms, and no given ideals to aspire to. Of course, this makes beauty a more democratic commodity than ever before, but it also creates a dichotomy – today’s beauty must possess two types of allure: the internal and the external. While external beauty is largely reliant on other people’s judgment (an accepted beauty is lent her standing by those around her), internal beauty is something we all possess, something that makes us stand out from the crowd, and that by proxy affects our physical appearance as well as our mental outlook. Rather like the chicken and the egg, if you feel your best, you usually look it, and vice versa.

More Beauty and Makeup Tips for you

  • Put a tonic lotion or cold water on your face, wet a face cloth and pat your face briskly with it. Then dry it without rubbing.
  • Then spray your face with rose water and let it dry naturally. Apply your base cream (slightly warmed in the hollow of your hand) or use a moisturizing lotion if the skin is sensitive.
  • Spread over your face a liquid foundation, which does not contain powder, or if your complexion is good, do not use foundation in the morning, just powder your face.
  • Powder the eyelashes and lips
  • Apply mascara to the outer edges of your eyelashes and with a very fine line, draw the eye-liner along the roots of the lashes
  • Brush your eyebrows with castor-oil.
  • Draw the outline of your mouth with a lip brush, press your lips on absorbent paper and fill in with lipstick.
  • With a damp face cloth, dab cold water on your powdered face, this will give a natural brightness to your complexion.
  • Comb your hair neatly, and you are ready for the show.

Face Makeup Tips and Advice

  • For an oval face: follow the natural curve of the upper lip, making the line slightly shorter on the lower lip;
  • For a round face: draw both lips generously, right up to the corner.
  • For pear-shaped face: the lips should be painted along their whole length, without drawing sweeping or heavy curves.
  • For a square shaped face: don’t make a heart-shaped mouth, but do emphasize the cleft of the upper lip.
  • For a rectangular face: design a generous mouth with attractive curves
  • For a triangular face: design a full mouth, lengthened at the corners