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Skin Care Myths

Skin Care Myths

Plenty of skin care myths float around with regard to your skin and the good way to care for it.

First skin care myth absorb the oils from greasy or rich foods and somehow secrete them out of their skin glands.

Second myth is vitamin E is good for scars. Use of Vitamin E made some scars look bad. Other myth is acne is caused by dirt , but realty is acne occurs due to sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria clogging your pores. The dark color of blackheads isn't dirt, but significantly the coloring of the dead cells at the top of the blocked pores.

Another skin care myths cucumbers have a special ingredient that reduces bags under the eyes. Using one product line is better for your skin.

While mixing lines can create skin problems is another skin myth , but realty is many lines make excellent products, but not every product from a particular line is necessarily right for your skin. Hypoallergenic is good for sensitive skin itv is a wrong. Hypoallergenic is often is simply the lack of fragrance.

Another myth is soap is a good cleanser. Soap has a similar effect on your skin. The best way to clean your skin is with a water-soluble cleanser.

Another myth is facial exercises help removing wrinkles and/or firm the skin. Wrinkles are lines of expression. They are formed by the continous animation of your face.

Vitamins make skin look healthy while taking vitamins may be great for your all-round health.

Skin Care Myths

1. Acne is caused by dirt.

2. Suntans clear up dull complexions and acne.

3. Soap is a good face cleanser.

4. Vitamin E is good for scars.

5. Hypoallergenic products can never cause a skin reaction.

6. Cucumbers contain a special ingredient that reduces bags under the eyes.