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Skin Care Tips - Best Natural Skin Care Tips and Advice

A good skin care can retard and help rejuvenate old tired looking skin. There are different variants of bath lotion for dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin. The skin is a wonderful barometer of our health, and although good skin care will go a far way in helping us preserve youth and vitality, we also need to look after the body to achieve this anti-ageing look. Everybody comes in contact with dusts and pollutants daily, which leads to a very critical skin problems i.e. looks blotchy, full of wrinkles, sagging skin, and lacking in skin tone and vitality. So, it is essential to take care their skin regularly. There is also what's is called milk bath skin lotion That every one can use to maximize that nourishing effect. Choosing the right lotion for your skin is essential to ensure that perfect glow.

Just know your skin type and match it with the lotion you are to buy. You can never go wrong with that Bath lotions are the ones that are supposed to use right after you took a shower. Although the above will assist in giving you a younger looking skin, it must be kept in mind that the regimen must be followed every day - that is - not skipping any day or not doing it when coming in too late or too tired.

Good skincare is important, but good nutrition is also required for a healthy ageless, smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Supplying the body with the needed vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in a healthy non-toxic diet, will greatly improve the odds at fighting wrinkles and line.

Skin Care Tips

  • The simplest and most important thing for your skin is to drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day.
  • Exercise is not only good for your health but also good for your skin care.
  • If your skin is oily, choose oil-free moisturisers.
  • It is best to shave after you get out of the shower, or while still in there. If possible use single blade rasors as single bladed razors are less irritating than double blade rasors.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sun. If you have to, then put on your sunscreen lotion.
  • Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth.
  • Use a humidifier to lessen the drying effects of indoor heat on your skin in the winter.
  • Warm honey and mix with lemon juice and apply on to face. Wash after it dry.

Various Skin Types

There are four skin types :

  1. Normal skin - It looks clear, supple and healthy. Normal skin still needs good skin care, but requires less treatment than other skin types.
  2. Dry ski n cannot retain moisture as well as normal skin. It may flake and it is prone to wrinkles and lines.
  3. Oily ski n - There is excess oil on the surface of the skin. Oily skin often develops spots and pimples. Important skin care tips for oily skin include regular and thorough cleansing.
  4. Combination skin - The forehead, nose and chin may be oily, and the cheeks and other areas may be dry.