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Face Masks - Homemade Beauty Face Masks

Face Masks are used in hospital, dental, clean room, food preparation and industrial environments. They are good for giving your skin a good flush out. They come in two primary styles in either ear loops using a soft band elastic or with ties made from Spunbond. Masks can help to clear congested skin or give dry skin a moisture boost. Clay masks with stimulating ingredients such as rosemary and eucalyptus are best for spotty, oily skin, while rehydrating aloe, honey or milk proteins will nourish dry skin. Apply face mask for 5 to 20 minutes. Wipe off with a warm face cloth, then tone and moisturise.

There are two types of face mask with the first type having either a two layer Spunbond with out a meltblown filtration layer or a meltblown layer for microbial filtration. The second type of face mask is made of paper where the user wears the mask for a limited amount of time. This mask comes as a single or double ply mask. All of our masks are made on automatic machinery. Standard colors are white, green, blue, yellow, or pink. Special colors can be provided upon request. Care should be taken not to inhale Face Powder because the chemicals it contains are injurious to lungs. They are available in several sizes to accommodate most patient's needs.

Each face mask is made from high quality materials and features a soft cushion which seals gently to the patient's face and a faceplate which is slightly raised around the nose to provide a higher degree of comfort for the patient and a higher degree of clearance to ensure a good seal between the patient and mask. Face Powders are available in different shades and should be choosen according to the color of your skin. The port on each mask is designed to provide a secure and leak-resistant connection with the other components of the breathing circuit.