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Smoky Eyes Look - How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup

How to Apply Smoky eye makeup

Smoky eyes give an attractive look to the eyes. So how do you create smoky eyes without looking like an old tart?! Get yourself a brush and follow me... all will be revealed. It can be achieved by following methods:

Use a highlighter pencil right under the eyebrow, with a wider sweep, near the end, right on the bone. Blend, emphasizing the natural curves of your eye. Use silver eye shadow on the lid and the inner corner and a deeper grey on the socket crease, outer corner and near the lashes.

Wipe out the eyeliner and redefine the shape of your eye by making the line narrower in the inner corner and wider in the outer corner. It gives it an upward slanting almond shape.

The Smoky Look

  • Apply the base as you apply for any make-up.
  • Apply mauve or red bronze base eyeshadow on upper and lower lids. Highlight the socket areas with a smoky black hued shadow pigment.
  • Use a slightly thicker eyeliner to highlight the eyes.
  • Curl your eyelashes to give them a smoky look.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Apply mauve or red blush on to complete the look for smoky eye.