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How to Apply Face Powder - Applying Face Powder Tips

Face Powders are an essential step in your makeup routine. Powder puffs come in a myriad of sizes, shapes and colors, but the most important thing to consider is the nap of the puff. A medium nap is the best to apply powder. There are two types of powder:


Fine loose translucent powders are the best for a finished pore less look, It is especially good if used in the morning to set your makeup, as it will keep you makeup looking fresh all day. Loose powder is applied with a puff .


Pressed powders are used for touchups as they are easy to carry. So when you're on the go, compact (pressed powder) gives you a soft, beautiful look anytime. It is applied with a brush using downwards movements, to minimize the impact of facial hair.

Tips of Applying Face Powder

1. Apply powder only after you have completed the application of foundation and concealer.

2. Take a clean tissue, wipe your brush on it and then use it to remove excess powder from your face.

3. Dip your powder brush into the powder. Shake off the excess powder.

4. Dab a small amount of powder on a cosmetic puff and apply it to shiny areas or places when your makeup has become thin.

5. Remove extra powder from your face. Wipe the brush on a tissue, and then use it to remove excess powder from your face.

6. Using a brush - A brush allows you to apply a lighter amount of powder than a puff. Large and fluffy, powder brushes can be used with both loose and pressed powder formulations.

NOTE: Don't try to smooth it on by massaging the puff over the face.

How to apply Makeup Powder? Applying Makeup Powder

  1. Apply a loose powder after you have completed the application of your foundation and concealer, and before applying eye makeup.
  2. Release powder into the top section of the container by tipping the container and gently tapping the bottom.
  3. Dust your face with powder. Stroke your face gently to cover all areas evenly.
  4. Take a large fluffy brush or a powder puff and dip it into the powder. Tap the tool lightly over the container to remove any excess.