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How to Apply Eye Shadow - Applying Eye Shadow Application Tips

Eye shadows are used to enhance the mystical effect of eyes. If used properly, they can give a very attractive effect and depth to the eyes. Some of the basics to remember while using eye-shadows are - they should enhance your eyes and not dominate them. The colour of your eyes should always be more prominent that the colour of the shadow. Since eyes is the most important focal point of the face, the eye makeup techniques and choice of colors for eyeshadow should suit the shape and color of your eyes.

To choose the right colour, observe the colour of your iris. Select a colour, which will complement your complexion. When applying eye shadow, sweep the lightest shade across the entire area from lash line to brow. This serves as a base to the other eye shadow colors much like a foundation for the rest of the face. A medium color can be applied on the lower part of the lid. The darkest shade can be skillfully used to create depth.

Application of Applying Eye Shadow

The application of eye shadow does make a difference to the appearance of a person. It can enhance the eyes and also correct some flaws, if used cleverly.

If your eyes are too close together: apply the shadow from the middle of the eyelid towards the outside;

If they are too far apart: apply the shadow all over the eyelid, but very lightly;darken the shade a little towards the bridge of the nose;

If the eyes are too deep set: make-up the whole eyelid as far as the underside of the eyebrow and then shade it off with the finger;

Select a light base shadow. Using a shadow brush, sweep it across your entire lid, from brow to lash line.

For day makeup, base color and mascara are the only things you need to wear for eyes.

If you have dark-circles under your eyes: avoid eyeshadow, but spread a light foundation or a special preparation for dark-ringed eyes under the lower eyelid;

Use a cosmetic puff and a little pressed powder to tone down heavy shadow. Shake any excess powder off the puff, then press it gently on your lid.

If your eyes are surrounded with fine wrinkles:shade off the shadow towards the outside of the eyelid;it is advisable not to use eyeliner.

Tips for applying eye shadow

  • To give a smoky look to your eyes, prefer using dark colors, like blue, grey or black. Brush them at the outer corners and blend them well. Don't move further more than quarter inch away from your eye.
  • Check the eye shadow on the back of your hand before applying them to eyelids.
  • The color gets lighter as it stacks above the eyes
  • The different forms of eye shadow available are:
    • Loose powder
    • Liquids
    • Sticks
    • Pressed powders
    • Creams
  • Out of these, pressed powders are easiest to apply and creams are most difficult to apply.
  • Apply a lighter eye shadow color above your primary color and below your eyebrow.


1. Use two shades of the same color for that exotic look. The inner corner of the eye area is lighter in shade and the shadow deepens in color towards the outer eye.
2. Apply the light shade starting from the inner corner of the eye covering the lid and below the brow bone
3. Now apply the dark shade on the lighter shade, from the centre and brush till the end of the eyebrow.
4. Finally blend the two colors properly in the middle where the shades meet.

How to Apply Eye Shadow Properly

Some tips for applying eye shadow properly are as follows:

  • Highlight the eyelid, round the shading: Best suited for hooded eyes and older deep set eyes.
  • Choose simple, natural shades. If you opt for bright or trendy colors, be careful, they can look unnatural unless balanced with other suitable tones, and may go out of style as fast as they came in.
  • Only use cream eyeshadows that do not cause creasing upon application and should be coordinated with powder shadows that are to be used on top of them. They should be applied using fingertips.
  • Highlight the eyelid, wing the shading: Best suited for younger deep set eyes.
  • Shade the eyelid and round the shading: Best suited for prominent lids and younger deep set eyes.
  • Apply a little shadow beneath the eyes, along the lower lash line. Smudge it lightly to give your eyes a subtle, glamorous look.
  • Don't match your shadow with your eyes or your clothes so that attention remains with your eyes and not your makeup!
  • Shade the eyelid and wing the shading: Best suited for younger deep set eyes.