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Bushy Eyebrows

Do you know how to handle bushy eyebrows on your own? To any person, eyebrows will always be the most noticeable feature of the face so it is recommended to always keep it well-groomed. If your eyebrows have better look, your face would turn out to have better look as well. However, if you have bushy eyebrows, you would appear untidy and cluttered to some people. So the best thing to do for your bushy eyebrows is to have them properly shaped. To be able to do the shaping for your bushy eyebrows, you need to trim the long hair back and cut them as they grow in the direction. Also, to get that cleaned-up look for your eyebrows, you might need a little of waxing underneath the eyebrows.

If you have bushy eyebrows, it is best to get your eyebrows waxed for every three weeks. But if your bushy eyebrows are really thick and coarse, waxing can be done in as early as two weeks. In any case that you over plucked your eyebrows, you can use a soft-colored eye shadow to color them as they grow back in.

Some people do waxing and trimming for their bushy eyebrows as these are the easiest methods to apply on it. Although waxing can be very expensive compared to trimming, it’s more effective though since the duration of the eyebrow growth will be quite longer. Bushy eyebrows require regular maintenance to keep it well-groomed. It’s your option to either have it done by a salon hair stylist or do it on your own.