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How to Apply Blushers - Blushers Application Tips

Blushers give a radiant look to the face. They come in two forms: the cream and powder form. A powder blusher should be applied after the application of the powder and a cream blusher should be applied before the application of the face powder. The blusher must be applied below the cheekbones and never lower than the nose or higher than the eyebrows.

Blush is available in compact and cream forms and comes in three basic shades: peach, pink, or brown. Matte natural colors are best. Powder blush is the easiest to handle. It's important to keep your brushes clean, otherwise, they'll gather bacteria and transfer it onto your skin.  This will inevitably cause spots and blackheads.  Cream blush is best for dry skin because it contains oils which moisturizes your skin. It should not be taken inwards further than the iris of the eyes. The cheekbones can be highlighted with a larger colour when they are flat.

A blusher can also be applied to perfect the flaws in the shape of the face. For a squareface, place the blusher high on the cheekbones and blendit smoothly and softly inwards. To make a round face appear longer, blend the blusher from the cheekbones downwards. Remember to use a blusher sparingly. It should just give the impression of being there and not be strong enough to attract attention to it.

Blush has a tendency to darken with body heat, so make sure you apply blush sparingly. And always apply color cosmetics in natural light whenever possible so you know exactly what your make up will look like. Powder blushers suit all skin and are especially good for OILY SKIN. If you prefer the matte finish, use a powder blusher after setting your make up with powder.

How to Apply Blush

Here are some tips to use while applying blush :

  • After applying blusher, dust with pressed powder. Now pat a damp cotton wool ball to set the color on your cheeks. This will make the color last longer. Blush should always be applied in a subtle fashion, but not so subtly that it disappears altogether.
  • For a long, narrow face: Apply the color lesser than the lower edge of the cheekbone and keep the angle horizontal for such a face to create the width of the face.
  • For round, square face: Apply color in the middle of the face. Don’t get close on the nose.
  • For skin look clearer: Apply blusher to the apple of your cheeks. Blend it back but don’t go further than the corner of the eye.
  • Clean blush brushes are very important to avoid bacteria transfer in skin and thus, one should clean them with non-soapy cleansers and baby wipes.
  • Never use blush on underside of cheekbones.
  • Blend into your foundation and at the hairline, with one soft horizontal motion on the top of the vertical strokes, without brushing any color onto the hair.
  • Often the small blush brush that comes with the cosmetic is of no use. A full round brush gives a professional look and make the overall look softer and more desirable. It is important to have separate brushes for the blush and the powder.
  • Powder blush should always be applied in one direction to avoid streaking.
  • Put the blush into the brush, taping off any excess or put a dab of gel on your fingers