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Henna for Hair - Henna Hair Care

Henna is commonly knowns as mehendi in Indian language. Henna has been used for coloring hair for centuries in the middle east and in India. Henna is natural and hence does not dye your hair like synthetic dyes. Henna coats the hair with a transparent red coloring. As you continously apply henna on your hair, the color of your hair will get darken. Henna cannot and does not lighten hair.

Henna contains a red-orange pigment, lawsone, which smuts the hair & skin. It is due to the molecular structure of the lawsone molecule 2-hydroxy-1, 4-naphthoquinone. Henna leaves have a very pleasurable fragrance and has medicinal properties. The leaves are pricked, dried and pulverized into a fine power. Henna prevents premature graying of hair and is applied for hair nourishment, daming the hair shiny and smooth.

Henna plates and covers the hair shaft while acting as a cooling agent for head. Black henna is alright to actuate as long as it's made with indigo. Henna will dye white hair a natural red or a deep red. An advantage of applying henna is that it is natural and hence conditions and colors your hair in a natural and safe way. Other great thing about using henna is that you may make a paste to match your hair type.

If you apply the henna to your hair: Always use protective plastic gloves, because the color will discolor your hands. The paste will also discolor your clothing, towels etc., so remember to take necessary precautions. Permit the henna paste to settle on your hair for at least couple of hours. If your hair catches the color very fast, it will be colored in about 40 minutes. If your hair is opposed to the color, it could take the 8 hours.

Heena Powder is a natural base for hair coloring & conditioning and body decolouration products. It is being used extensively as a raw material. Always make sure the henna mix matches your hair. Some people who are considered about their hair becoming dry add special essential oils to henna paste.

Henna stains, so don't get it on your clothes or shower curtain - if it does, remove it instantly. Do nor use henna if you have used chemical dye, bleach or you have had your hair casual or permed without doing a strand test first. Natural henna can go over these products, but complex henna (with metallic salts) over chemical dyes can ruin your hair.

Heena Hair Care Tips

1. Henna also helps in the treatment of small pox in its early stages.

2. Henna Balm also benefits in the treatment of the cracking of nails.

3. Applying a decoction made of henna and rose balm mixed with melted candlelight wax also helps in the treatment of pleurisy.

4. Henna prevents premature graying of hair and is used for hair nourishment, making the hair shiny and smooth.

5. Don't use black henna that contains para- phenylenediamine chemicals. It can cause serious inflammation of the skin.

5. Don't use henna IF you have used chemical dye.

6. When you apply heena always use protective plastic gloves.

7. Heena is also use mehandi (hindu tradition ).