Famous Tennis Player Has Breast Reduction to Ease Back Pains

Simona Halep turned heads the moment she burst on to the professional tennis scene in 2008. On the court her skills drew rounds of applause, but Simona’s 34DD bust also played a part in her growing popularity.

As she rose in the ranks, Simona’s curvaceous figure attracted a great deal of attention, especially from male fans. However, the young tennis star wanted to be recognised for the quality of her game and not for her ample bust.

Like so many women with large breasts, Simona suffered from severe back pain. As a professional tennis player this greatly affected her performance. Deciding enough was enough, 17 year old Simona opted to undergo breast reduction surgery for the sake of her tennis career and her physical and emotional wellbeing.

After a few months recuperation, Simona was back in the swing of things, brimming with confidence and restored self esteem. The successful operation reduced her bust from 34DD to 34C and had immediate results as she steadily climbed from being ranked 500 to being ranked 58 in the world, playing in her first Wimbledon championship in 2011.

Regarding her breasts, Simona stated: ‘It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.’

However, Simona’s decision to undergo breast reduction surgery wasn’t simply made for athletic reasons, as the tennis star added: ‘I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.’

All women struggling with the physical discomfort, self consciousness and low self esteem that can result from having a generous bust can learn from Simona Halep’s example. There is no need to suffer when a breast reduction operation can give you a firmer and more proportionate bust.

Breast reduction surgery worked wonders for Simona and can do the same for you. After a short 2-3 hour operation and recuperation period of several weeks you will be able to admire the more natural appearance of your newly sized and shaped breasts.

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