Beauty of Lips Through Lipstick

Every beauty-conscious woman surely knows the shade of the lipstick to be used, that should match her facial shape, curves of lips, complexion and her clothes. Moreover, one must take into consideration age, colour of hair. Carelessness can mar the looks. Lipstick is considered a morale booster, and is essentially helpful in giving her self-respect and self-confidence.

Lipstick actuallly alters the look of your lips – broad lips can be made to look thin and vice versa plus the shape of lips can be changed to some extent. If you have a small face then always apply the lighter shade on lower lip and darker one on upper lip. Similarly, use light shade on upper lip and dark on lower lip if your lips are thin. For broad lips decrease the framing considerably. On the other hand for making thin lips appear broad increase the framing. Uneven lips can be given required shape in accordance with your face by making a perfect outline. For thickness apply two coatings of the lipstick. You should remove your whole make-up before going to bed and use only standard products.

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