The Natural Manicure

Nails are similar to hair, if you maintain them spotless, they will glance better.

1. Adding a couple of drops of bath oil to a bowl of hot water to soften your cuticles, before using a cotton bud dipped in cuticle remover to remove any protruding skin.

2. Next, wash your fingertips in soapy water. This works superior than varnish remover to make a spotless surface, as it is not so drying.

3 . Dry your fingertips, and add one coat of apparent base coat to every nail.

4 . Next, relate one coat only of a pale pinky-peach nail varnish. The single coat adds just a hint of colour, without being thick sufficient to glance opaque. Essie’s Ballet Slippers is my favourite for achieving this natural glance.

5 . Finish off the manicure through just a distinct layer of top coat.

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