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Cystic acne is a more bitter form of common acne, or acne vulgaris. Cystic acne, also known as nodulocystic acne. In most cases of cystic acne, the cyst can seen equivalent to an acne nodule, but it will be filled with pus, and the diameter of the cyst is generally at least 5 millimeters across. Cystic acne can affect the face, chest, back, shoulders and, sometimes, upper arms. Like pimples, which are more common, cysts are normally filled with a white pus-like substance.

Cystic acne is very afflictive and often leaves scarring. Cystic Acne most often develops during the pre-adulthood as a most severe manifestation of Teen Acne. Some causes of cystic acne is genetically and hormones imbalance when a person is going through adolescence, the body secreates androgens, that stimulate oil production.

This oil can clog pores, that leads to acne. The menstrual cycle and birth control pills also necessitate hormonal changes, which can chafe acne. Cystic acne can appear uniform to a nodule in size, but is pus-filled, and regularly have a diameter of 5mm or more across. Your first technique of treating cystic acne is to avoid these triggers, whether they are diet, stress, or your cleansing regimen.

A possible choice treatment is injections of cortisone into the cysts to decrease the inflammatory response. Accutane is used by many dermatologists because of the severeness of the acne. The teratogenic effects of accutane confine its use in women of child bearing potential. Isotretinoin is a very effective medication which can help prevent thorough scarring in patients.

Oral contraceptives are used as cystic acne treatment in females. It represses overactive sebaceous (oil producing) glands, and is safe to be used long-term. Zinc (contained in the mineral clay used in different Skintactix acne products) blocks 5alpah-reductase as well as interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-a. Wash your face at least once a day, specially following exercise or other sweat-inducing activity.

Do not wash your skin too much or it could result in drying out. Bursting of cystic acne will most presumably result in scars, so avoid this at all costs. A highly-diluted corticosteroid to bring down the irritation and increase the speed of healing. It is a generally painless approach. It generally clears the cyst within a week and prevents rupturing and scarring.