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Acne is one skin disorder which can arise on any part of the body including chest. Chest acne is a severe skin disease and many people are suffered by this skin disorder. Chest acne can present itself in the form of a blackhead, pimple, pustule, or other most exigent form of acne, cysts. This acne may affect people who are in the age of 10 to 40 or even after 40. Chest acne is generally known as Zits. It can lead the discomfort, irritation of the skin and discomfiture in people.

Chest acne is caused by changes in the level of hormones in the skin. Do not wear the compact clothes as they make worse acne.Cystic acne can happen across the upper chest as well as on the back. Chest acne may appear on the chest and torso and it also appears on the stomach part of the people.

Bacteria and excess oil in the skin form acne on the surface of the skin. It is most severe form when the scratches are become hurtful and large. Generally, chest acne may be caused due to some ostensible irritants like an irritating bra strap or tight synthetic clothing. Tight fitted clothing traps the sweat between the fabric and the skin; which results to clogging of pores and finally acne.

Chest acne is not caused by heredity or genetic predilection like other forms of acne. In any case, some degree of chest acne causes trouble for people all around the world so it can be estimated that more than single person in any family may have shown signs of this chest acne. Naturally, the simple chest acne can be reduced with regular hygienic habit but cystic chest acne goes deep into your skin.

Acne on the chest can also emerge when sweat gets trapped between the night clothes and the skin. Chest acne may be avoided by neglecting perspiration from becoming trapped for which one should wear clothing made from cotton which, unlike synthetic clothing, allows more air circulation and evaporation of the trapped sweat. Close-fitting warm weather fashions can also trap sweat and retrograde breakouts.

Normal turning during sleep can produce friction as the chest and back rub against the sheets. Even beautifying ourselves can create a problem. Thousands of people suffer from chest acne at occassionally during their lives. Use a noncomedogenic body lotion on the each chest acne. Topical creams are used to treat this type of acne. Benzoyl peroxide uses on the chest acne before going to the bed.