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Acne is a solemn and very common skin condition. Acne happens when the oil secreated by sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but is trapped in tiny pores or follicles. Acne is the bacteria responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out tiny molecules named porphyrins.

Blue light therapy was one of the first light based therapies for acne treatment. Blue light works by killing the acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes, and is used to treat inflammatory acne vulgaris that has not riposted to other acne therapies. Blue Light Laser treat a variety of conditions involving dark spots on the face melasma or pregnancy mask, freckles and hyper pigmentation, varicose veins, spider veins and rosacea.

The blue-light products of today do not contain ultraviolet (UV) light, which was a staple of former light therapy used to treat acne. UV light can damage skin and is no longer used to treat acne.

Blue light has been favorable in 85% of patients, and results vary by individual. The blue light is actually not a laser, but a warm light that when exposed to the skin, it actuates a substance that fights the bacteria and open your pores. Blue Light Therapy Work is very simply. First is a photosensitive gel is applied to the skin.

Few minutes later a series of furious light is radiated over the entire face. The minute capillaries and any colored material on the surface of the skin (freckles age spots, hyper pigmentation) is heated and the colors are either absorbed or evaporated. The energy of the light creates micro pores in the capillaries causing them to shrink. this process is repeated in 3 to 4 week intervals. These treatments are considered very safe.

However a fugacious pigmentation change, swelling, and discomfort in the treated area may be expected. Most patients experience mild sunburn like redness and or peeling after the BLU-U acne treatment. Patients admit blue-light therapy in increments. Generally, patients are treated once weekly for eight weeks or twice weekly for four weeks. Each session lasts about 15-30 minutes. Side effects are scarce.

Most patients see betterment. Regular perpetuation is required. After having this treatment, expect to have mild swelling, and some skin redness - all easily treated with ice packs and a soothing ointments. Both will aid the healing process, and make you feel better. Blue Light Therapy works for dark skin also. The Blue Light treatments are gentle and do not harm surrounding tissues.