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Acne is a common skin disease affecting almost everybody. Acne is a problem millions of people all over the world affect from. Acne appears when the oil produced by sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but is trapped in tiny pores or follicles. This results to inflammation and subsequent infection by a bacterium called P.Acnes.

Acne affects both men and women equally, but it is valuable to actualize that there are many differences between the two. Several factors contribute to the formation of acne. The primary problem is that the abnormal flaking of cells inside the hair follicle leads to the formation of a plug.

Some acne herbal medications are itemized below to get rid of acne at home. Herbal remedies for acne are fully safe and effective as well for various skin types. Drinking herbal water is a well known acne herbal medication for removing pimples. It is made by boiling a glass of water with 2 fenugreek seeds and 1 corn hair.

The cystic acne remedy is the apricots fresh juice that is applied on the affected place for cure and relaxation. Cucumber juice only or make it mixed with juices of lettuce,carrot or alfa alfa is being looked as a fabulous home remedy for acne. The almond oil is good for inflamed and dry skin. Other herbs like Echinacea and Poke root have anti-inflammatory properties that can aid to reduce the swelling of the blocked oil gland.